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HEI is registered as a voluntary organization (NGO) in Norway, and its operation meets the requirements of all relevant laws and regulations governing civil society in Norway.

HEI is established with a responsible board and an implementing secretariat.

The Board consists of 7 members and 3 substitute members, and are elected for 2 years at a time. The secretariat is manned by 4 professional staff based in Stavanger.

What we do

Global Education

HEI develop and distribute educational materials relating to north-south questions, poverty, education and children’s rights to schools in Norway. Most of the material can be downloaded from our web page and is provided for free. On request staff from HEI also visit schools to give lectures to the teachers or children.

As a follow up, HEI encourages the schools to organize actions to raise funds in support of the projects HEI supports.

Supporting projects

To assist the schools in their actions to raise money for the projects, HEI provide them with necessary equipment (donation boxes, trinkets from the project countries that can be sold at the schools etc.) and ideas and suggestions on how to organize actions at the schools.

The funds raised by the schools are spent supporting educational projects operated by our partners in Peru, Zambia, Laos and Bangladesh.

The projects are all focusing on primary education in remote, rural areas and whenever relevant they address issues of intercultural and bilingual education.


E-mail: post@heiverden.no
Telephone: + (47) 51885500

Hei Verden
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